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Silent Hill Whores
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Discussing the Silent Hill series.
This community is for the discussion of anything and everything related to the Silent Hill series from Konami (video games, music, comics ... and yeah, even the movie ... within reason that is). So if you are a real fan of Silent Hill, come and join up and immerse yourself in the madness and insanity that is a bunch of rabid but quite friendly Silent Hill Whores! (Please read our current community rules that are listed below.)

When posting pictures to this community (ie: quiz results, fan art) fanfiction or largish articles, please use an LJ-cut.

Attention All Members Of omgwtfshwhores:

Please make sure that you use an LJ-cut, along with a Spoiler Warning, when posting anything relating to the Silent Hill comics, as well as Silent Hill Origins and Silent Hill 5 (until further notice) to this community - failure to comply with this simple request could see your posted deleted. Please note: if you persist in disregarding the previously mentioned request you may run the risk of being removed and banned from this community. If you are ever asked by a moderator to edit a particular post would you please attempt to have it edited ASAP. Thank you!

Taking into consideration that there a lot of members within this community who may not have played all four Silent Hill games, please make sure that anything that you post here which could be classed as a potential spoiler is posted to this community behind an LJ-cut and marked as being a spoiler. If you have any questions regarding this, send an email or leave a post in the community and one of the moderators will get back to you as soon as time permits them to.

Please DO NOT advertise other communities (personal icon journals, other sites, unrelated material, spam, etc) within this community. Any such posts can and will be deleted. Make sure you seek the permission of a moderator with regards to advertising within this community. If you have any questions about this rule, please contact a moderator or send an email.

The moderators of omgwtfshwhores reserve the right to remove any posts containing content that they deem to be unrelated to or inappropiate for this community. Check with a moderator if you have any questions regarding this.

When posting links to images or other sites within this community please make sure that they are clearly marked as being related to Silent Hill. Random links posted to this community can and will be deleted at the moderators' discretion.

Edit: It has been brought to the moderators attention that the townsfolk, visitors and even some of the monsters of Silent Hill like to frequent this community on occasion. So for your sanity's sake, please be aware of any ensuing madness within!

Email contact: silenthillcommunities@gmail.com
Community staff: kryceksfox, fathervincent and jamessunderland.

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