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31 October 2006 @ 03:20 pm
I was up until 5:30 AM making this damn thing! D: (With a lot of help from my dad!)

I was almost impossible to see a damn thing!Collapse )
radio: Silent Hill 2 - Theme of Laura

I was going throu  some things of SH2 when I came across a note between some papers.

"Monster(2) in the cell(s)?"
I almost forgot about it.There was a monster in a cell at Toluca Prison.

In the hallway where you hear a person saying ritual over and over again.Well I shot all  the monsters down When I walked across in the cell befor the open cell with all the books in it, James was looking up.So I hit whatever it was with my steel pipe about 2 times.I hear it gets hit.But nothing els happend I did not see anything.So I did not pay 
much attation too it. 



Current Location: Toluca Prison cell
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09 October 2006 @ 11:55 am
[E3 2006] Silent Hill Beginnings Announced for PSP.

5.10.06 - Konami has just announced Silent Hill Beginnings for the Sony PSP.

The new game in the Silent Hill series will tell the tale of what happened before the events of the earlier games in the series. Players will be able to live the lives of the Mason family before the father ventures into Silent Hill to find his lost daughter.

"Players are going to love the simulation aspect of Silent Hill Beginnings. They'll be able to take the daughter to school, cook dinner with the mother and read TV Guide with the father," said Hans-Joachim Amann, Head of European Product Management for Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH. "You'll find out what the Masons lived like before the tragedy."

Amann also said that they wanted to take this direction with the series because so many other companies have been putting out prequels and just making up stories to fill in the gaps.

"There are no gaps in the Silent Hill story. This is actually what happened before the tragedy - normal life."

The Silent Hill series is known for it's scary atmosphere and creepy enemies. It's also known for it's evil fog system - that evil bastard fog.

(source: TheGameRag.com - x-posted to: The Otherworld)
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02 October 2006 @ 01:15 pm
Did anyone ever noticed before that on the ground that the two PH stand on after you beat them in SH2,there are two big "Seal of Metatron" on the ground.I wonder if it has some sort of meaning behind that?
02 October 2006 @ 12:10 am
I came across something that looks like a error in SH1.Troughout SH3 you get to hear that "The Order" worship a female God.
But when you listen to the dialogue at the end of SH1 Dalhia talkes about a male God -"Alessa has been traped in a nightmare from with's she never awakes,HE has been nursert by that nightmare".I think that has been done on perpurse for the American release.(This happans to much with other games as well.)

And something I just discovered.In SH4 when you come across Cynthia's ghost,it looks like she is crying but also saying something.I alway was thinking that it was just moppeling/or you can't make out what she is saying.Well she is indeed talking,
backwards! If you play her speaking backwards you can hear what she is saying.I never seen sudes a thing in a game befor.

Something about Walter Sullivan's grave.The people of SH must have done a lot of digging.I mean,when you come across Walter's grave in SH2 it's in the catecome of the Toluca Lake Prison.In SH4 you hear they digged up the body,but than it's already behind the Wish house.I never came across come note or something that they had relocated his grave from the prison ,to behind the Wish House.Unless there are two Walter Sullivan's,bured at two differant places.                                       (Nice idea two Walter's.^-^)

Well something els.Made new icons 17 of them to.Working on new ones to.
New video still in the making.

I finist SH2 for the first time today.^-^.I got the "In water"Now working on get thing the "Rebirth" ending.

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16 September 2006 @ 02:12 am
This question has been in my head since I began with the making of my Saint icons.
How is that baby St.Alessa is holding?

This brings some idea's to mind.

I also made some fanart.I like to know what people think.Please take a look.

So, the justice is done and the Gods are pleased.
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14 September 2006 @ 05:59 pm
>_< I've just encountered a really, really frustrating bug on Silent Hill 2 (the Director's Cut PAL release on PS2, to be specific), and I was wondering if anyone has encountered anything similar, and if anyone knows how to deal with it.

I recently started a save file on Hard Action Mode. This is the first time I've done this (after owning the game for several years), and, so far, I haven't been doing that badly on it.

However, I have run into what I can only describe as a bug in the game, and, basically, the nature of it means that I cannot proceed any further into the game.

The bug in questionCollapse )

Naturally, I'm incredibly aggravated by this, especially since I've almost finished the game. I just can't find a way to bypass this bug, and I'll be really annoyed if I have to start my save from scratch.

Is there anything that could have triggered this bug? Are there any methods to deal with it?

Thanks in advance.

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EDIT: Never mind, I figured out what the problem is. *Feels stupid* Heh.
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12 September 2006 @ 10:43 am
Sorry to be a pain again, but I have another music-related question:

SH 2 'Born From A Wish' scenario music?Collapse )

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks. :)

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07 September 2006 @ 06:34 pm
4 New icons of the Gods of "The Order"



Speak, I am the Crimson One.



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07 September 2006 @ 06:00 pm
I was just doing some looking around,when I decided to make a new icon of LoSaR.
When I had a good look. I fond something it had not look at so closely befor..

I it just me or is Pyramid Head there next to Lobsel Vith.At first I thought it was a hand holding a lamp..
But know...

And that weird entity next to Xuchilbara...it's head...*-*...

(But I have a idea about it.I translated a lot from a russian Sh 
site.And there seems there are hint at the presence in SH of one additional God-The God of thunder and lightning
'Kuwabara".The info on the site is where good,the best I fond on the net.And has been around for a long time.So it 
may be right??)

                            PH    LV                     XB


As anyone taken a look at this painting from upclose.

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